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Bulgarian citizens, who living abroad may be now exempted from payment of health assurance inBulgariafor prior periods, said NRA.


Applying the petition in NRA is no longer subject to the requirement that it should be done before leaving the country, as it was until now.


However, to be exempt from health assurance contributions, Bulgarian citizens living outside the country, must reply to some conditions:

  1. To be a Bulgarian citizens
  2. To be abroad for at least 183 days in a calendar year
  3. The most important condition for exemption from the health assurance payment is to give an application in your permanent address NRA office


There is no longer a time limit within the application must be submitted to the NRA. The application may be field in person or by proxy.

The document can be set to the NRA by email with return receipt, too.


To recover health assurance when they come back toBulgaria, Bulgarian citizens should submit in the NRA another application – for coming back. In addition they must show documents, which provide that the person had been abroad for more than 183 days in a calendar year. Such documents may be a copy of a passport, certify from the Regional Police Department, a document issued by a competent authority of the country, accompanied with an accurate translation by Bulgarian license translator and others.


Health insurance of Bulgarian citizens who have been abroad and have submitted an application can be restored in two ways. The first is automatic after six consecutive months during which Bulgarian citizens provide themselves by paying health assurance inBulgaria. If Bulgarian citizens, who were abroad, want to immediately restore their health rights, they have to pay a one time 12 health assurance on the minimum monthly insurance income for the self-employed.


If they paid in 2013, that are 12 payments of 33.60 BGN. With the recent changes to the “Law on Health Insurance”, Bulgarian citizens, who are citizens to another country, too and live permanently (more than 183 days per calendar year) in the other country, they should not pay the mandatory health assurance inBulgaria. They can declare that they do not have to pay health assurance by submitting an application in NRA. That can be done in person, by proxy or by mail with a return receipt.


Bulgarian citizens, who live in a country part of the EU for the period after 1 January 2007 should be aware that the provisions do no apply to periods which, according to the EU regulations, is applying the legislation of the other EU country.


If Bulgarian citizens, who work in the country, part of the EU, their insurance is paid according to the legislation of this country, and they are exempted from payment of health assurance to NHIF. For this, they should submit declare to NRA in which they show the period of their insurance in that country.


Based on the data described in this document, the months without health assurance will be covered and their health assurance status will be corrected.