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The United States withdrew its request for the extradition of Gergana Chervenkova

The United States withdrew its request for the extradition of Gergana Chervenkova, who was charged with the ocean beyond the illegal online sale of medicines and participation in a criminal money laundering.

Information is placed on Tuesday (07/23/2013) at the site of the U.S. Embassy in Sofia.


Surprising change in the U.S. position is a fact only four days after the Sofia Appellate Court (SAC) has once again postponed a final ruling on the request for extradition of the Bulgarian threatened by 68-year sentence in the U.S.


“TheUnited Stateswithdrew the request for the extradition of Mrs. Gergana Chervenkova. Chervenkova was charged in federal District Court for the Southern District of New York federal crimes related to drugs and fraud. Request was withdrawn in part because new information is received in prosecution, not because of deficiencies in the request under the terms of the Extradition Treaty between the United States and Bulgaria. Whenever withdrawn request extradition treaty enables the making of a new request for the extradition of the person, “explained the diplomatic mission.


Chervenkova worked as a financial manager in the commercial representation “BG Global Services”, which is a service company of the British company “Euromedical LTD” whose business is related with website promotions and sale of drugs and medications offered by legitimate pharmacies in the U.S.

On November 30, 2012 (Friday) Gergana Chervenkova is spectacular arrested by Interior Ministry CDCOC with no prosecutor and with no arrest warrant served to her. Then Gergana Chervenkova was declared wanted by the U.S..
Only after the weekend – December 3, 2012, her husband and her attorney at law arrested a Bulgarian national / after proper authorization on / fail to meet visiting with her only two hours before the hearing on the measure its remand.


The same day, the Sofia City Court released from custody Gergana Chervenkova, imposing its other detention – “bail” of 500 BGN.


Subsequently, in 2013, Gergana Chervenkova was twice arrested and spent in custody nearly a month, and with her re-arrest, prosecution and MI-CDCOC suspend judicial decision without having that power.


According to dubious documentation located in the Bulgarian law enforcement and judicial authorities, prosecutors southern judicial district of New York supports the following charges under the Federal Code in conjunction with other U.S. laws / unrepresented in its entirety as long as the procedure is valid for non-extradition treaty between Bulgaria and the United States / and to Gergana Chervenkova:









As evidences against Gergana Chervenkova are famous actually 2 pieces butalbital orders made on the site associated with Chervenkova of secret and abstract entity. On 20 April 2012 and 29 May 2012 as evidence of commitment to alleged criminal organization by U.S. authorities applied to the Bulgarian court at the last possible moment for the American side.



In the U.S. indictment for trafficking of controlled drugs, conspiracy and money laundering of million dollars, Gergana is ranked among the 9 U.S. physicians and pharmacists who received money from the business in the last 2 years.


The so-called case Chervenkova opened a case for extradition to the Sofia City Court. After a thorough analysis and review of the case, the 30th Chamber of the jurisdiction in this case, Bulgarian court declared the request inadmissible and close the case. Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office appealed the decision.


Sofia Court of Appeal quashed the SCC rule on half the case – by acceptability, accepts that the request for extradition is permissible and returns to the Chamber of the Sofia City Court, which dismissed the action to finish it as a decision on the rest of proceedings – on the merits. Same the SCC completes the work of the Court of Appeal and ruled extradition in points 1, 2 and 6 of the so-called “indictment” and arrest Gergana Chervenkova in the court. Defense appealed the decision of SCC.


However, in the second instance, SAS delay a final ruling on the case, as expressly requested by U.S.authorities evidence and further guarantees that the indictment of the prosecutor’s office in New Yorkis impeccable and that Chervenkova will not be facing the death penalty.
During a recent meeting of the appellate judges on the extradition request, held on 23 May, the magistrates found that in the documents sent to Bulgaria there is no signature of the District Attorney of the Southern District of New York Priit Barara and requests also be adjusted.


The Court also requested the translation of the 11th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which grants the right of American citizens to be tried in their chosen most favorable jurisdiction, as well as information on whether that law applies to foreign nationals who will be judged there.
Appeals Court started proceedings accepting requests of the defense and adjourned the case until June 21, 2013.


On 21 June 2013 the Sofia Appellate Court made a new reverence for the U.S., providing new 28 days on account of the arrest Bulgarian citizen, to present evidence of an offense.


Days before the expiry of that period, the court adjourned the case and scheduled a hearing on 25 July 2013.


Because of the case of Gergana Chervenkova parliamentary legal committee began examining the extradition treaty signed between the governments of Bulgaria and the USA.



Chervenkova by herself announced that she has received a letter from the Chairman of the Parliament Mihail Mikov associated with the work of the Legal Committee. She is pessimistic that pending a decision by theBulgarian Courtcommission will be completed the work, but it would result in the following cases.