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Law firm “Gruikin and partners” was founded in 2007.   The company specialized in civil, commercial, contractual, administrative, real estate and procedure delegation; registration and reorganization of companies, rival law, trade contracts, foreign investments, tax law, and family and succession law, public errands.


Founder and managing partner of law firm “Gruikin and partners” is Ivan Gruikin – Bulgarian lawyer with over 20 years of legal practice.


Ivan Gruikin is the author of many publications in Bulgarian press and electronic media on the issues of the judicial system and the supremacy of the law. He is founder and chairman of the nonprofit organization “Civil initiative “Justice”, by which he leading one of the most successful cases inBulgariaagainst the illegal fees, and many collective claims of the affected citizens. He is very often a guest in different television and radio programs on different law and political questions.